Ayesha Adamo is a highly trained actor currently living in NYC. She is a student of Wynn Handman and a graduate of William Esper Studio’s 2-year program, where she assists Nancy Mayans in teaching her Unlimited Actor classes.

In the past year, Ayesha starred in several new films, including sci-fi thriller The Vessel and futuristic android drama, Ms. Kiss—which she also wrote and co-produced.  Additionally, she took on the title role in Rose Donohue—a cinematic 1950’s who-done-it with equal parts comedy and drama—and made a return to the stage to play the role of Kari in Craig Wright’s humorous and heartbreaking play, The Pavilion, directed by Michael Kostroff (of The Wire, The Blacklist, and more).

Three of Ayesha’s own projects are currently in post-production: Dance Til Dawn, a hybrid short film/music video set in 1919 in a world reminiscent of the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic; All Hallows/All Saints, the story of a chance encounter with the divine on the morning after Halloween; and We Are The Prototypes, a mockumentary about an electronic band that makes music for cats.  Ayesha not only appears in leading roles in these films, but is also the writer and producer, as well as the director on All Hallows/All Saints and We Are The Prototypes.

With so many exciting projects in the works, the future looks dazzlingly bright for this alternative leading lady.