Stills from We Are The Prototypes

We Are The Prototypes is a mockumentary about an electronic synthpop band that makes music for cats. They used to be a metal band. Not anymore. I play one of The Prototypes, alongside Bryce Churchill and Vin Scialla. We all created music for the film.

I was again at the helm as director on this project—which was a lot of zany, comedic fun—and also served as the writer, and co-producer with Vin Scialla. It was great to work with Jacques Lang again, who was the cinematographer on Ms. Kiss and parts of Dance Til Dawn. We’re still in the midst of post-production, but for the moment, here are some stills:

Behind the Scenes on Dance Til Dawn

Dance Til Dawn is a hybrid short film/music video for a pop/dance song I wrote with my music partner, Bryce Churchill.  The story is set in 1919 at a club reminiscent of the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic, with a cast of characters inspired by Bert Williams, Marion Davies, and William Randolph Hearst. With the end of the Great War and the beginning of women’s suffrage in the air, we spiral into the evening with a last chance to drink up before Prohibition.

In addition to starring in the music video, I also wrote, produced and choreographed the film…I even did the costumes! Austin Nunes, director of Rose Donohue, also came on board to direct this one (yes, that’s him making a cameo at the piano).  Rose Donohue’s cinematographer, Holly Fisher, was back again, as well as Jacques Lang, who was Director of Photography on our pickup shoot date (pictured here). Also returning from Rose Donohue were Adi Nujeidat and Tim MacKay, gods of hair and makeup, respectively. We were so lucky to have Monzeeki on set to capture these great behind the scenes photos!   We have a lot of post to do on this one, but I can’t wait to share it with you. I promise it will be worth the wait!

Stills from All Hallows/All Saints

All Hallows/All Saints is a project that I pretty much whipped up out of nowhere while I was wandering around the French Quarter in New Orleans on All Saints Day. It’s the journey home after a Halloween night out and a chance encounter with the divine. Not only did I act, write and produce this film, but it’s also my directorial debut. J.S. Ali, director of The Vessel, came on as DP, while my music partner, Bryce Churchill composed the score. I think we came up with something beautiful!

Check out the Trailer of The Vessel

So delighted to share with you he trailer for my latest film, The Vessel!

Stills from Ms. Kiss

Here’s a look into the dystopian android world of my latest project, Ms. Kiss.  I also wrote and co-produced this one:

Come to the premiere screening of Rose Donohue


The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the premiere screening of…
Rose Donohue
written and directed by Austin Nunes

Sunday, May 1st at 7pm
The Producers Club
358 W. 44th St. NY, NY 10036

Hosted by Michael Buckley of

Free event—RSVP to:

*All black attire requested to show respect for
the death of Bobby Hart, lover and patron
of Rose Donohue

Take a look behind the scenes on the set of The Vessel

Here are some photos of me turning into an alien on the set of The Vessel. Incredible special fx makeup artist Melanie Licata—a finalist in the current season of Syfy Network’s “Face Off” competition—fully transformed me into a creature from another world. Can’t post the full transformation online yet, you’ll just have to wait for the film for that, but I promise that it doesn’t disappoint!

Sneak Peek Stills from Rose Donohue

Check out these stills from my latest film, Rose Donohue, from writer/director Austin Nunes. Now in post-production, this 1950’s who-done-it is fiercely hot!

Getting some great reviews on our production of The Pavilion:

Tobias Carroll for Vol. 1 Brooklyn says

“Both Davis and Adamo convey their characters well, the former with a lived-in discomfort that contrasts with his good looks and friendly demeanor, the latter with the ability to maintain an impassive facade, then let it down at a moment’s notice. Credit should also go be given to Ross for channeling numerous former classmates of the two, some of whom have opted for decidedly eccentric belief systems”

Read the full review here:

Shoshana Roberts for calls our production a

“wonderfully funny yet introspective revival”

Read the full review here:

Come see The Pavilion!

If you’re going to be in NYC between November 6th and the 22nd, don’t miss me in The Pavilion, a play by Craig Wright.  Michael Kostroff (of The Wire, The Blacklist, etc.) is directing.  I love this role and it’s going to be an amazing show!

Get tickets here:

November 6-22 at The Producer’s Club, Sonnet Theater, NYC
358 West 44th Street, NYC
Fri. Nov 6 @ 8 pm (preview)
Mon. Nov 9 @ 8 pm (preview)
Thurs. Nov 12 @ 8 pm
Fri. Nov 13 @ 8 pm
Sat. Nov 14 @ 2 pm & 8 pm
Sun. Nov 15 @ 2 pm
Mon. Nov 16 @ 8pm
Thurs. Nov 19 @ 8 pm
Fri. Nov 20 @ 8 pm
Sat. Nov 21 @ 2pm & 8 pm
Sun. Nov 22 @ 2 pm

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